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Meet mavrik, the Tesla of banks.

Mavrik is a digital only, cloud native, data first bank built from scratch for New India. It offers a high yield savings account, a smart rewards program and customizable analytics.
We are pre-launch. Access is limited and invite only. Sign up to be among the first to get an invite.
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Beautiful, minimally designed app offers you a premium experience unseen in Indian banking

Our unique product development approach rethinks how banking services are delivered to you

Human centered design

Design tailored to the uniquely human in you. Our design first philosophy makes for a joyful banking experience. You've been spoilt by world class products from the likes of Google. You deserve the same from your banking partner.

Human design

Self driving money

Ever wondered how people got from point A to point B before Google maps? It involved a bunch of stops and questions to strangers. Current state of managing your money is stuck in the pre Google maps phase. With Mavrik, you tell us where your finances are now and where you want them to go. We will find the quickest route and drive you there.


World class support

Customer service that doesn't suck. With our omnichannel support, you can reach us in the way most convenient to you either by phone, chat or email. Be assured that our support team really knows their art and addresses your concern in no time.


And vastly improves regular banking features

A savings account that pays 4%* interest.

Open an account directly from your phone with Aadhaar based eKYC. Transparent fees which go down to zero when sufficient balance is maintained. Comes with an attractive debit card.

*may change over time


Unified analytics and deep customization

See all your account activity in one easy to read customizable dashboard. Advanced analytics help you decode inflows and outflows of your money. You can also link your other bank and financial accounts to leverage our analytics engine and see all your finances in one place.


Self learning rewards program

Existing rewards programs are a one size fits all solution. Enter Mavrik rewards. We anyalyze your spending patterns and automatically select reward programs that give you the most benefit. You can also specify the categories you most spend money on and our algorithms take your input into account while a selecting a reward program tailored specifically for you.


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